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Scholarship Winners


Kent Beecham - Cal Poly State University

Maria Nieves-Melendez - Virginia Tech

Ann Skorulski - Virginia Tech (Keville Scholarship)


Elijah Elliott, CMIT - San Diego State University

Tahni Hartso - University of Washington

Julie-Ann Evans - NYU Polytechnic Institute (Keville Scholarship)


Arkadii Lebedinskii - George Mason University

Julie Priddy - Montgomery College

Erin Schuster - Washington State University (Keville Scholarship)


Haylee Bacik - Wentworth Institute of Technology

Tara Harrington - University of Washington

Seyed Mirghasemi - Philadelphia University (Keville Scholarship)


Gregory Roy - University of Southern Maine

Youngjib Ham - Virginia Tech

Bavrina Bigjahan - USC (Keville Scholarship)


Patrick Daniels, CMIT - Texas A&M University

Skyler Holloway - Arizona State University

Nicole Johnson - Washington State University

Caroline Vaughan - University of California-Berkeley (Keville Scholarship)


Linda Brown - California State University 

Maria Delgado - University of Colorado 

Gretchen Heberling - University of Wyoming

Philip Huynh - Catholic University of America (Keville Scholarship)


Andres Boral - Florida Gulf Coast University

Maria Delgado - Colorado State University (Keville Scholarship)

David Elsey - University of Akron

Jeremy Meek - Arizona State University & University of Cambridge


Jesse Conklin - University of Massachusetts

Brian Dilley - Brigham Young University

Owen Fitzgerald - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Andrew Meade - Wentworth Institute of Technology

Salvador Varela - Boise State University (Keville Scholarship)


Catherine Carleo - University of New Mexico

Jaime Cochan - Sacramento State University

Erika Glapinski - Milwaukee School of Engineering (Keville Scholarship)

Shriram Joshi - Texas A&M, College Station

Salvador Verala - Boise State University


Sarah Grosz - North Dakota State University

Andre Hawks - Cal Poly State University

Ambika Rose Orrill - Stanford University

Katherine Thomas - Wentworth Institute of Technology (Keville Scholarship)


Michael Conlon - North Dakota State University

Tristan Cunio - Clemson University

Weston DeHart - Oklahoma State University

Kristin Deneau - Ferris State University (Keville Scholarship)

Christopher Marcotte - Farmingdale State University of New York


Martin Bixler - Clemson University

Michael Conlon - North Dakota State University

Tyron Lee - Oregon State University


Brandon Lebo - Pennsylvania College of Technology



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